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A fully handmade  capsule collection created between Milan and Brooklyn with the finest organic fibers for a fun, responsible and sustainable shopping. Investing in higher quality clothes it's a sustainable choice: they last longer and we consume less! Our pieces are made-to-order. We are conscious about the environment and we try to minimize the movements of goods between Italy and New York but yes, we ship worldwide. 

Cart and check out are just a simulation of the final order, to request your product please send us an email to our PICHI COUTURE EMAIL ADDRESS with the list of items and the shipping address, we'll get back to you with a confirmation ASAP!

La nostra piccola collezione è interamente realizzata a mano tra Milano e Brooklyn con filati di altissima qualità per uno shopping divertente ma anche sostenibile e responsabile. Investire in capi di alta gamma è una scelta sostenibile: gli abiti durano più a lungo e noi consumiamo meno!

I nostri pezzo sono realizzati su richiesta e spediamo in tutto il mondo.

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